"Mañanita" is one of the old Filipino traditions ( derived from the Spanish) that is done by greeting someone's birthday on the first hour of the birthday celebrant.

Well, that was it, my children in Balulang surprised me of this gesture. Though they made it earlier because my grandchildren had to sleep early because they have early morning classes but nevertheless, I was still so surprised because I was not aware of it. I thought that our dining out the other day was the end of for my birthday celebration.

I was preparing to sleep when I heard some people singing "happy birthday". When I looked out from my window, I saw everyone; my two daughters with my son-in-laws, grandchildren, my nieces and nephew. They brought with them a bouquet of roses, a cake with a candle and some gifts for me. Here are the pictures:

That's me looking out the window to see who are singing.. I already put some cream on my face and was already so prepared to go to bed.. :)

My nieces, Allen and Che2 (my roomate) and Junjun my ever active nephew who is always at my beck and call. All of them are truly a blessing in my life.

Mayette, my daughter with his family.

Beam, my eldest daugher with her family and Allen.

These are all my children and grandchildren, my nieces and nephew who also are my 'neighbors' here in Balulang.

With my grandchildren

I thank God for a blessed and wonderful birthday with them.

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  1. Robyn Says:

    Wow looks like a wonderful time. You are very Blessed by your family! Lucky Lady!

  2. Alicia Says: are truly blessed!

  3. Lindz Says:

    naku ang saya saya naman ng birthday nyo, may mga pahabol na surprises pa, you are so bless talaga te.

    by the way te, here is the link for the lamington na tinatanong ninyo, sana makagawa ka din nito para ipost nyo, madali lang naman... it'll your first australian cake to post here hehehe madaming maiimpress senyo..

    here it is;

    madaming iba ibang recipe neto basta itype mo lamington sa goggle madaming lalabas... goodluck teh...

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