YS#9 Bunch of Lunch

We ordered this food at Shakey's Pizza Parlor at Lim Ket Kia Mall. This was a birthday treat for me by my best friend. I thought I will not be able to finish it all but lol! nothing was left perhaps we ate late so I was famished at that time.

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8 Response to "YS#9 Bunch of Lunch"

  1. Perfectly Blended Says:

    Wow.. so yummy! I love the food from Shakeys...

  2. nuts Says:

    oh, i'm drooling here. we went malling today and looked for pizza, unfornately it's too far to walk and we were so hungry that time, so we end up our merienda with grilled burger.

  3. Kero Says:

    hoorah! carbo load and comfort foodie! yum yum!!

    my first time to join YS. hope you can visit my entry here http://kcelebration.blogspot.com/2009/10/yummy-sunday-walnuts-chocolate-chunk.html

  4. pinkyshelo Says:

    Yummy treat nay ha.. dami nga.. hehe

  5. Lalaine Says:

    wow! i miss that bunch of lunch from shakey's..sige lng...doul na..hhehehe

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  6. Laine Says:

    wow! what a yummy shakey's bunch of lunch. miss eating at shakey's. :)

  7. Alicia Says:

    There used to be a Shakey's Pizza nearby, and they had the best pizza!

  8. chubskulit Says:

    Mukhang ang sarap nyan Nay!

    Here's my first yummy sunday entry.

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