Gone Are the Days!

During the 70's, we had a hard time bringing cash when we traveled to the Capital city in the Philippines that is the famous Manila. You see, we lived in a Province very far in this City. It takes 3 days to reach the place if we go on board a vessel while 1 hour and 45 minutes if we take the airplane.

Why hard time? Because during that time ATM, credit cards and on line banking services were not yet introduced. As I looked back those times I felt amused. Imagine, when we traveled we had to bring so much of cash for our expenditures and we also have to buy something as giveaways to our family back home.

You know what we did with the money we bring? To keep it safe, my late husband usually put some of it in his socks. And when he sat down some of the cash would be protruding. As for me, I also put some in my underwear. It was funny because everytime we buy something, I had to go to the restroom (toilet or comfort room) to take out the money. LOL! It was a good thing that before also there were not much of pickpockets around unlike today.

Now, praise God because there's no need to worry of bringing so much of cash, if one travels to the capital city or other places because of the convenience of ATM, debit or credit cards and on line banking services. Bringing cash is very risky during these times specially snatchers and robbers are all around. So, you must be very careful because they are only waiting for a chance to rob you anytime.

3 Response to "Gone Are the Days!"

  1. Robyn Says:

    I also would find fancy places to hide money when traveling also. Yes we are lucky now to have such cards and place to get money only when needed.

  2. Faye Says:

    when i was in cebu, i had this kind of small bag made of cloth(buyot). i don't use wallet there. the coins and bills may destroy my claudio ferrici wallet.lol.shopping malls don't accept atm cards when you buy something.
    here in the netherlands i don't have to carry cash because we use atm cards in paying our groceries and everything. i think i only have 5 euros in my wallet now not more than that.i don't have any credit cards coz i don't like to have one.

  3. grace fancubit Says:

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