YS # 3 -Calamares

Calamares is one of my favorite dish.We order this at Sentro on of the best restaurants here in Cagayan de Oro City . I love it cause it was so crispy and it taste good too.

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6 Response to "YS # 3 -Calamares"

  1. Bogie of Perfectly Blended Says:

    I love calamares too. I like the way they prepare the food. It looks so neat and yummy.

    Thanks for joining!

  2. Robyn Says:

    Oh Yummy I also like calamares, we went to a Thai place not long ago and they had a hot spicy dish of veggies and calamares, oh yummy!

  3. Alicia Says:

    I love fried calamari too!!!! My youngest son was eating them at a restaurant and we told him they were onion rings...LOL!

  4. Lalaine Says:

    wow! yummy! I could already imagine the taste!

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  5. shopannies Says:

    looks delicous

  6. litlit Says:

    wow! calamares...lamian kaayo ko ani ba...

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