My Eldest Grandson

A few days ago I was down because I had eaten something which I was not supposed to eat. That food triggered my gastroenteritis. But thank God because I am very well now.

I just remembered that during that day, I was all alone in the house because my niece who is my companion was out for some important matters. So then, I had no choice but to cook my own porridge. I put water in the pot to let it boil and went to my room and lie down. After few minutes I got up thinking the water had boiled already so that I can put the rice into it. But lo! I found out the gas range had run out of gas. I called up Allen, my other niece who is living with Beam, my daughter but then I found out that Allen was in the church for music practice. It was only Renzee (my eldest grandson) who was left in their house. So then, I called Renzee and requested him to cook the porridge for me. Obediently, he came to the house and got the pot with the water and the rice. I just wondered how he would cook it when he does not know anything about cooking. He will be only 12 years old this coming October 1, 2009. But in fairness, he knows how to cook noodles whenever he wants to eat because this is his favorite food.

Suddenly, I was surprised when he brought to me the cooked porridge. I was in awe and asked him how he did it. He told me he asked Allen on the phone how to do the cooking in detail.

Yes! I was very touched of what he did. I thank him for the wonderful work he had done to me.
Smiling, I thank God for the life of Renzee, for being raised by his parents so well. To God be the Glory!

5 Response to "My Eldest Grandson"

  1. Nenette Says:

    Amen! He's wise for asking Allen instead of experimenting hehe

  2. Lindz Says:

    very clever boy, maasahan at impressive na hindi ka niya ginambala dahil alam nya may nararamdaman ka... you're such a lucky granny

  3. Bogie Says:

    Wow! great job Kuya Renzee!

  4. Alicia Says:

    How very sweet of him, and to do it w/out complaining! Double blessing!

  5. sweet_shelo Says:

    How nice of him nay to do the cooking for you.. Your grandson must be a very nice boy. The Lord is truly good to His children,..=)

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