5 Things Friday

I was quite late for this meme last week, so this time I am on time. So, here are my list for my favorite summer activities to do with my grandchildren;

1. Sending them to Daily Vacation Bible School.
2. My grandchildren having picnic and camping in front of my yard.
3. We will go swimming at the beach or pool.
4. Joyriding, then bringing them to the mall and eat pizzas which is their favorites.
5. Eating midnight snack together and they take turns to sleep over my room.

If you have anything to share, come and join us every friday with Jean Stockdale.

4 Response to "5 Things Friday"

  1. Secret Mom Thoughts Says:

    I bet the kids love to sleep over with you. Good list.

  2. genejosh Says:

    i love VBS!..mine;s here:http://www.genejostory.com/2009/08/5-things-friday-5-favorite-summer.html

  3. Denise Says:

    Wonderful list.

  4. Jean Stockdale Says:

    Thank you so much for joining us in 5 Things Friday. I love your list! You sound like a great grandmother. How blessed they are to have a godly grandmother who is investing eternal things into their lives!! May the Lord bless you richly. You bring a wonderful perspective to your blog as you share about the places, the joys and the sorrow, the Lord has allowed in your life. Thank you for sharing about His grace to allow you to deal victoriously with the loss of your husband. Although the wound will never be fully healed in this life, thank you for sharing that the Lord Jesus can help you face anything. Blessings.

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