Yummy Sunday # 5: Ham

We usually ate Ham during special occasions. If I can still remember, we have plenty of this at home during Christmas season because friends and relatives always gave me this as a gift. I can't stop sharing this photo as my Yummy Sunday entry because I just love looking at the photo... Oh, I can't wait for Christmas to have another of this.

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7 Response to "Yummy Sunday # 5: Ham"

  1. Alicia Says:


  2. litlit Says:

    ahay...nanay, galaway ko kaayo sa imong entry ha ha ha...dugay nako wla ka kaon ug ham he he he...

  3. Perfectly Blended Says:

    Yummmy Nay!

  4. Bailey Baretto Says:

    WOw!! this looks so delicious! can't wait for christmas all of a sudden because of this! LOL

    Please try to check my entry for yummy sunday too :)

  5. Pam Says:

    Your ham looks fantastic, I like the glaze it has on the outside...yum :D

  6. FaYe Says:

    nay, unsaon man pagluto ug ham? gusto ko sa ato nga ham kay tam-is. daghan cla ham diri pero salty man.

  7. Ladynred Says:

    Yes! looks really delicious!

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