A Day Out with my Grand Daughter, Thea

Last week I had a date with my grand daughter, Thea. She is the eldest daughter of my son, Jinggoy (you can read my post, My Children Chapter 1). Her real name is Alythea Francesca and just celebrated her 8th year birthday last August 3, 2009.

During our date, we ate at Macdonalds which her choice because she missed eating there as there is no Macdonalds at Vietnam. And by the way, they are only here for a few weeks vacation (remember my post, Jinggoy's Family is Coming).

So my grand daughter and I had a good time together. One of the places we went to was a bookstore where she let me buy a High school Musical magazine for her collection. Then our last destination was at the SM Mall where her parents waited for us to dine in one of the restaurants for our dinner.

Yes, we had a good time that when we arrived home, she thanked me and said she enjoyed our day out. Oh! what a very sweet girl she is. Praise God!

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  1. Lindz Says:

    awww isn't that sweet to have a day out with your granddaughter, a precious time to keep in memories forever becuae they live in vietnam and it maight be rare for you two to ahve that quality time, glad to hear you two had a grand day out. She's the same age with my son.

  2. JesuLalaine Says:

    taas na mn diay imo hair nay!!.. nice pic with Thea..dalaga na gyd cya.:)

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  3. Alicia Says:

    She is so pretty! I can imagine how much fun you had with her! My mom loves spending quality time w/ my kids too! It's such a blessing!

  4. Robyn Says:

    You both are beautiful, thanks for sharing a picture and the wonderful time you had together.

  5. Sush Says:

    that is so sweet! :) Youre granchildren are very lucky to have you

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