God Works in Amazing Ways

Dear friends of blogosphere, I missed you all. Thank God I am now recovering and slowly updating my blog. Well, I am amazed of what God has done in my life.

You see, last week when I was admitted to the hospital because of continuous vomiting. My doctor scheduled me for Laparascopic Surgery for my gallstone as seen from my ultra sound result (I have a post about it). But then, on the day of my surgery, when my doctor was performing the procedure, he also found out that I had a cyst in my ovary and my appendicitis was already about to burst. The cyst is my ovary was already very big. So, my doctor called the Obstetrician Gynecologist to perform the surgery of taking out my ovary. My doctor also took out my appendix. Actually, my gallstone was only very small but it was floating in my stomach and causing me terrible pain.

Is it not amazing that God allowed me to have a gallstone operation to discover my cyst in my ovary and appendix? I could have never known about the large cyst or the 'bursting' appendix until it will cause me terrible pain in the future. But God spared me from all of that.

By the way, my doctor who is also a christian (I have another post about him) even teased me that my operation was " four in one". Praise God!

Thank you so much for your prayers! Please still continue to pray for my speedy recovery.

8 Response to "God Works in Amazing Ways"

  1. Robyn Says:

    I'm so glad you are on your way to recovery. God is amazing indeed! I will continue to pray for you.

  2. sweet_shelo Says:

    Amen nay, truly the Lord is sovereign in all situations.. Praise the Lord that you are well and recovering.. God will always work in ways we cannot see and those are all amazing..

  3. Alicia Says:

    I'm so glad that you are fine, and on your way to 100% recovery! And yes, that is totally all God!!!

  4. FaYe Says:

    am happy to hear that everything went ok. welcome back to normal life.


  5. litlit Says:

    Dalaygon kaayo ang Ginoo nay....Grabe jud ka boutan ang Ginoo nay...Take care and I'll continue to pray for you

  6. Nenette Says:

    Praise God. That's why diay nay I was really wondering why when I prayed for u before ur operation, i uttered "...ug makita pa unsay dapat makita Lord.." is because there other 'things' na dapat jud diay makita. halleluiah!

  7. Sush Says:

    That is good to hear that you are well and recovering!

  8. Lindz Says:

    hoping for your fast recovery Ate. God Bless

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