fpf #10 - My Friends in Amaranth years

This photo was taken sometime in the late 1980's when I was active in a group called The Order of the Amaranth. This was taken at the lobby of the Masonic Temple, Manila Philippines. That was the last activity that I attended because I decided to stop my membership with the group and devote my time to attend church services and activities instead.

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6 Response to "fpf #10 - My Friends in Amaranth years"

  1. Alicia Says:

    What pretty colors you are all wearing!

    I've never heard of Amaranth. What is that??

  2. Princess Sarah Says:

    Nay, I couldn't undentify you kon asa ka diri. Ang naa sa last pose sa left? Oy, gwapa ka gid Nay oy.


  3. sweet_shelo Says:

    Hi Nay, nice photo.. I haven't heard about Amaranth.. mga women ra na nga group nay? Anyway thanks for sharing..

  4. Susan Says:

    Oh how neat...

    Thanks for sharing today.

    Hope your day is blessed♥

  5. The imPerfect Housewife Says:

    You all look so pretty! What a great color and seeing as 3 of the 4 of you are wearing the same dress, is that a type of uniform? Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend ~ ♥

  6. Erin Says:

    Beautiful...what a fun memory. You all look lovely.

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