ys#6 - Chocolate Moist

This is the favorite recipe of Mayette, my daughter. Everyone who tasted it says, its so yummy that they craved for more. She is now busy with her 2 kids that she just baked for a very special occasions.

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6 Response to "ys#6 - Chocolate Moist"

  1. Bogie Says:

    This is Yummy! Can I have a slice please....

  2. Genejosh Says:

    gai ko auntie..kalami ba ana te oi..gigutom da ko..he..he...

    Mine is HERE

    Our Adventures Together/
    Her and History
    Tasty Exploration

  3. Muthering Heights Says:

    That looks so delicious!

  4. FaYe Says:

    it looks very yummy!!!nay, can u ask mayette to post the recipe? i love baking. yesterday i bake apple tart.
    have a nice sunday!

  5. Lindz Says:

    Ate naa ka recipe? mugama ko ani, mura og lami

  6. Ange Says:

    my name is Ange! I came across your blog and really enjoyed your posts!! Would you share your chocolate cake recipe! Oh it looks so delightful and delicious!

    God bless you!

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