Day Out with my Best Friend

A few weeks before my confinement at the hospital, I went to visit my best friend, Clem (read my post, My Best Friend) in her house. You see, that night before, I met her daughter, Dimple during the wake of one of our friends. Her daughter told me that Clem seems to be depressed and that could have been the reason she was not feeling well. It seems that Clem had been affected by the death of that friend of ours. The reason must be because Clem and our friend who passed away had the same illness - cervical cancer. But Clem had undergone chemotherapy and radio therapy and now she's well while our friend who passed away did not undergo any of it.

But Praise God because when I arrived at her home she was already fine and in a good mood. Perhaps, she has already overcome her anxiety and has been comforted by God . She then decided to go with me and accompany her to her pulmonary doctor as she had a little cough.

After her check up, we ate our lunch at the eatery of the sister of her son in law which is just nearby the hospital. Then we went to the glass center to buy mirrors which she's donating for our church building. Praise God for my best friends life and praise God that she's well now.

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    God truly is our refuge... You'are an encouragement to her nay.

  2. sweet_shelo Says:

    Hi Nanay, praise the Lord that your friend is okay now and is coping up. The Lord is truly our comfort and real peace within.

    Nay, hope you could join my meme, Tuesday eManna. Share a verse which you have enjoyed and your reflections on it.

  3. Princess Sarah Says:

    Praise God talaga Nay, He is our strength and our song... God is ever faithful in the midst of the storm...
    Kamusta na Nay?

  4. Lindz Says:

    hi Ate, i ndidn't know about your condition, sorry to hear about that.. keep your faith and trust in him..

  5. Phebie Says:

    ganahan jud kaau ko sa nyong friendship nay oi...

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