Yummy Sunday: Pork Chop

My children went to Bigby's Cafe yesterday. I wasn't able to go with them because I was not feeling well. The dish above is the one ordered by my daughter. They told me that their pork chop tastes so delicious.

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  1. Perfectly Blended Says:

    My favorite!

  2. SHOP and TELL Says:

    Hello Nay, the photo looks so yum!

  3. His Unfailing Love Says:

    Oy Nay gusto gid ni Em2, yummy.

  4. Ladynred Says:

    looks yummy but i need rice pls.

  5. Kero Says:

    Nanay, please stay healthy :)

    that looks soo sinful and yummy!

    my entry is here http://kcelebration.blogspot.com/2009/11/yummy-sunday-coffee-ice-cream-and.html

  6. Lindz Says:

    sayang naman te di ka nakasama mukang masarap pa naman pagka grill

  7. Manang Kim Says:

    Naku pork chop naman dito talagang gutom na gutom na ako sa kakatingin nang mga picture sa yummy sunday entries ^_^ maka-luto na nga hehehe!!

  8. Jay - agent112778 Says:

    bigby's? where? i tried in CdeO but sadly, our first ever date was not that good, but not bad eighter..hay long story

    but i agree that food is good but sinly specialy for me :((

    my entry is here

    have a Great YUMMY Sunday for us:)

    Thanx for the Visit :)

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