fpf #16 - Lapulapu City

This was taken on January 2005 when we sent off my daughter, Love and her daughter,Tricia for Singapore. Their departure flight to Singapore was from Cebu so we spent some days in Cebu for sightseeing before their departure. In this picture is Mayette, Love and Tricia in front of the monument of Lapulapu where the place is named after. After Love and Tricia boarded their flight for Singapore, Mayette, Manny and I sailed a boat for Cagayan de Oro on the same night. This was the time when there were no cheap flights from Cagayan de Oro to Cebu yet, so the passengers had to take a boat going to and fro the places.

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4 Response to "fpf #16 - Lapulapu City"

  1. Serendipity is Sweet Says:

    Great shot. It's so much fun to look back.

  2. Alicia Says:

    What a great picture! My grandma is from Cebu!

  3. chubskulit Says:

    Your post brings back memory to me Nay, we spent our honeymoon in Cebu kasi.

    Lovely ladies!

    A Picture with my cousin is my entry for this week!

  4. His Unfailing Love Says:

    Nice picture Nay, missed you all.
    Di pa rin ako nakita ni Lapu-lapo sa Cebu, haha!

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