My sister in law

Here is my photo with my sister in law - Mameng as she is fondly called but her real name is Carmen. She is the elder sister of my late husband, Leonel. I truly Praise God for Mameng's life for she is now going to church with us together with her family. She is also residing in Balulang (Caballero's Compound) but only at the roadside while my children and I are residing at the Riverside.

Mameng is also a widow now as her husband passed away a year ago. Her only son's family is also very close to our family that we consider them as a part of our immediate family. Now that Mameng and I are of the same church I know that we will also become closer with her adopted children as we will be seeing each other more often now.

Mayette, my daughter is actually very close to Mameng ever since she was still small. She actually got her skill in cooking from her. We were neighbors then at Nazareth Subdivision and Mayette was always going to her house. You see, their house was just beside our house that it looked like a duplex house from afar.

I truly thank God that now we are of the same church so we will be always be in fellowship with each other.

4 Response to "My sister in law"

  1. Robyn Says:

    Wowderful that you have a great relationship with your sister in law.

  2. Alicia Says:

    What a blessing! Not only is she your sister in-law, but also your sister in Christ!

  3. chubskulit Says:

    a second mom to mayette, sarap pag nagkakasundo ang magpapamilya ano nay?

  4. Familia Caballero in Vietnam Says:

    wow! Praise God kay gasimba na gyud diay sya. Salamat sa Ginoo!

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