My Birthday Treat From My Bestfriend

This is a delayed update from my Birthday Series.

The next day after my birthday, my bestfriend Clem and I had a day out. We went to Lim Ket Kai Mall and she gave me a Lunch treat at Shakey's Pizza. She also bought a ladies bag as my birthday gift from her. Below is the picture of the bag.

Well, we had a great time spending together and at 4:00 p.m. we left the mall because my daughter Beam and family were already waiting for me at Philtown Hotel for us to attend our close family friend's Children's Party and Wedding Anniversary Celebration.

And by the way, this was the Birthday cake I received from Clem's daughter, Dimple and family. If you can see it looked messy because my nephew who brought the cake only rode the motorcycle so, the cake wasn't carried securely. But then, it was still very yummy because it was a cake from our favorite cake shop, Red Ribbon.

6 Response to "My Birthday Treat From My Bestfriend"

  1. Robyn Says:

    Sounds like a wonderful day!

  2. Alicia Says:

    How sweet of your friend to buy you that awesome bag!!!! Love it!

    I would still enjoy the cake too!

  3. Bacolod and Beyond Says:

    Ok ra Nay kung late - you are really blessed Nay with family and friends

    THanks for the visit.

  4. Bogie Says:

    Friends are a gift from the Lord.

  5. Wrigley Says:

    It's good to hear you two are having a great time together Nay.

  6. Lita C. Malicdem Says:

    Wow! Belated Happy Birthday. So nice of Clem. I love Red Ribbon so much, despite diabetes. Been waiting for sugar free variants. That's real yummy.

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