Typhoon "Sendong" Aftermath (Series 3)

When the sun rose, we were wondering where to stay after the flood. We cannot stay at our house in Nazareth because it is occupied as a Pre-school and our other house in Tin-ao is also occupied since my niece is currently renting it as a Car Wash business. So, we were in quandary where to stay at that moment and besides there was no public transportation at that time. Later on, my nieces and a nephew arrived and invited us to eat breakfast in their house which was not affected by the flood as it was located in one of the subdivisions at the upper level of the city.. There, we were able to take a bath and take a rest for a while, and then he brought us to our house in Nazareth as we had decided to stay there anyway, because there were still no classes because it was Christmas vacation.

In Nazareth, Jinggoy, my son who is in Vietnam called us that he contacted Boboy (his cousin) who arrived just in a few minutes while we were still talking, together with Agnes, his wife. We decided to stay at their house in Bukidnon, a 45 minutes drive from Cagayan de Oro. While the couple went for their grocery, my nephew who drove us before the flood arrived with his family and my sister in law (his mother) since there were looking for a place to stay too. We told them that we will be staying at Boboy’s house and invited them to be with us. So all of us, my 2 daughters family and my nephew’s family went up to Bukidnon. This was the second experience we encountered flood because we were near the river but those living at the roadside it was their first time experience .. This is also the first tragic calamity that occurred in our city. We found out later that many had died in Balulang, our place and also in other places . More than half of the population in our city experience the calamity for the first time. I can not just imagine that also the place of my close friend who called me of the coming tragedy were affected when they are very far from the river. It was a worst tragedy that encountered by the residents of our city for the first time in their lives. Back to the house of Boboy, we were all accommodated. It is a huge house plus a guest house and his family is not staying there but only his sister's family. He is connected with Del Monte Philippines as one of the executives so he is provided with a house at the company's compound. I thank God for His faithfulness during that moment. Imagine, It was a therapy for my grandchildren from the trauma they encountered because they have a sprawling ground that they played and run around to their hearts delights. Again, we thank the Lord of His faithfulness in our lives,

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