Typhoon "Sendong" Aftermath (Series 2)

When the flood subsided, we went down from the roof top and waited for one of our church mates to bring clothes for us. My son in law who was then in Manila was the one who called him. At that moment, my concerned was to my grandchildren's health for they were wet and the trauma they must had because of their experience that night of the flood. While waiting for the sun to rise, we were discussing among ourselves who to hire to clean our houses since all were affected by the calamity unlike before that only those resided near the river had the experience of the flood. You see, the Sendong tragedy was the second flood we encountered, the first experience ( year 2009) we spent more than a month to clean and repair our houses.

Then my nephew who drove us the night before the flood, arrived and told us the sad news that our houses were already gone. At first we thought he was only kidding but upon knowing the truth, my whole body trembled. As for my daughters, I did not hear a cry, they were only dumbfounded and silenced followed. Then after the silence, we thanked God that HE spared our lives! We believed God will restore our material things in due time. Only later, we were amused at ourselves because just a moment ago we were discussing whom to hire to clean our houses but to find out later that it was not a problem anymore because there were no houses to be cleaned. But still we are thankful because up to this day, my grandchildren are in good health. Yes! God showed her faithfulness to us.

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