After "Typhoon Sendong"

This is from the aireil view where our houses were located (mark red)
This was our car turned up side down, in which after an hour my son in law left the scavenger stole the engine and the accessories that were left on it.
This was the house of Beam, my daughter, you've notice the big tree that smash on it.

This is one part of my sound system that was dig out from the soil. From a far distance was where my house was located. But after a few minutes when my friends left it was gone because many people came and dig out our things that was buried in the soil.

This was the house of Mayette, my other daughter, again it was smashed by a big tree.
Oh! As I was posting this, my grandchildren exclaimed that they miss their lives at Balulang. Yes! how can we forget the serenity, the cool breeze, and the clean air we were experiences compared to where we are staying right now.

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  1. Lalaine Says:

    :(.. even if somehow we've recovered from the flood, but my heart is still heavy everytime I see these photos..

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