The Ordeal

I was watching Korean drama in the internet while chatting with my daughter when my best friend called me up informing me that the river flow was rising up according to the radio broadcast she had been listening at that time. You see, my room was closed so I was not aware of my surroundings. I was not aware of the strong winds and rains which Mayette, my daughter has seen, that when I called her up she had contacted already Beam, my other daughter . She was worried at that time because her and Beam’s husband were not around. So, I called up my nephew who were residing on the roadside to check the river flow… Yes, he arrived and told us to vacate the place immediately as he saw the river was increasing to high level .While preparing our getaway, the lights went out.He drove the car and we went up to our church building which is located at the roadside.

There in the church while preparing the bedding at the stage of the church for my grandchildren to sleep a loud noise occurred and saw that the door opened up with the water coming inside the church. My grandchildren panicked and cried, and Many, the hubby of Mayette which had arrived earlier in the church decided that we climbed up at the roof top passing thru the sink which has iron grills at the opening. We were in the roof top wet while still drizzling and just prayed and sing worship songs. We waited for the water to subside for more that 3 hours.

Praise God! For all of us were saved…. (more for my next post)

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