Typhoon "Sendong" Aftermath (Christmas Party)

My Children

My children with their respective spouses.

My grandchildren...

We were supposed to have our family Christmas Party in one of the hotels in Cagayan de Oro as we had planned for Jinggoy's and Love's family spending their Christmas holidays here. Everything had been prepared even the booking at the venue but because of the pain and tragic experience we cancelled it.

Yes! Jinggoy's and Love's family were also accommodated at my nephew's house. We had a great time on that place that we sometimes forgot our losses and sad experience. As you can see in the pictures we had a lively and joyful Christmas Eve. All my grandchildren enjoyed bonding with each other.

The sad thing only was, our family were not able to have outings, picnics and go shopping because we were still in a daze of what had happened and besides we had not been settled where to stay permanently.

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