God Bless CDO Backpack Gift Giving

Last May 21, 2012 Concordia Community Church in North Carolina, USA distributed backpacks to more than a thousand children here in Cagayan de Oro.. My grandniece is attending this church with her family and she was the contact person. Their pastor went all the way from North Carolina just to witness the distribution. It is really a blessings to the children here in CDO.

Really, until now our church is receiving relief goods from other Countries. God allowed things to happen for His own purpose but you can see His hand working on His children. God provided already Beam's family with a house and lot in one of the subdivision here almost restoring their things that were washed out. Mayette's family are waiting for the house to be finished soon in one of the subdivision also here. We have decided not to reside in Balulang again. God is really faithful and we praised Him for the lives of our relatives and friends who prayed, giving financial assistance and relief goods to us. (until now we are still receiving)

Our prayers now, that Cagayan de Oro will be spared from another tragic calamities so with the entire nation Philippines.

God bless Philippines! God bless Philippines! God bless Philippines!

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