Typhoon "Sendong" Aftermath (Gift Giving)

Every Christmas our Church is giving away bags of groceries for "Born" (Blessed Our Real Neighbors) this is one of the outreach project of our Church. As in my previous post HERE, this was started with my late husband when we transferred our residence at Balulang. He found out we have many neighbors who only survive through simple jobs. Then every summer we conducted Daily Vacation Bible studies of their children and when he passed away our church adopted it as "Born". But, I and my children still took this Christmas Gift giving us our family project.

Well, because of the tragic incidents we decided to cancel it last Christmas for we do not have the provisions and besides our church was completely muddied.

But thanks be to God, He provided for the finances, the church of my son where his family is attending in Vietnam provided for the resources. Praise God! the beneficiaries were not only Born members but extended to other neighbors who were affected by the calamities.

There was joy in our hearts that in spite of our lots of losses during the tragedy still we were able to extend our joy in our neighborhood. Yes! they had ham, spaghetti and etc. during their New Year's eve celebration, aside from their children who received some school supplies and some bags for their young adults.

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  1. My Li'l Princess Diary Says:

    Hi granny!
    thank you so much for the comments you left on my blog.I'm putting more stuff in it.I love you soooooooooooooooooooo much!we hope that we will see you again in phil.(I don"t know how to spell it)(from your granddautghter)

  2. Alicia Says:

    Wow, Laurencita...that is a huge blessing!!! God is good!!!!

    I've missed visiting your blog so much!!

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