fpf #20 Family Reunion

This photo was taken during the wedding of my daughter, Beam held in Balulang (we were not yet residing in this place, it was only our rest house). Because we are a very big clan so we decided to hold the wedding in a big place and besides it was the first wedding in my family.So that it was like a barrio fiesta at that time. Almost all of the relatives were present. This is part of my closest relatives in the picture, my sisters, nieces and nephews.

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3 Response to "fpf #20 Family Reunion"

  1. Alicia Says:

    How nice to have had a place for everyone to get together at. What a blessing!

    Happy New Year, Laurencita!

  2. Pam Says:

    Family reunions are wonderful, they give us time to make beautiful new memories. It always a fun time for all.

  3. Robyn Says:

    What a beautiful family!

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