Reinyel's Birthday

Last December 12, was the birthday of my eldest granddaughter, Reinyel. Actually she is my second granddaughter. She is the daughter of Beam, my second child. And last Saturday, Reinyel just turned 9 years old.

Only Z boy ( her cousin) was able to attend her simple birthday celebration in which we had pizza at Yellow Cab. Reinyal missed Tricia and Lyle on that occasion since their family just left for Malaysia on the 10th of December. It should be more fun if they were around. Her tita Mai and Tito manny also missed the celebration because of other important matters to attend to.

Anyways, they already enjoyed swimming at Country Village Hotel that Sunday of that week with the whole clan. In this photo Reinyel's grandma (mother of my son in law) was with us. She just arrived a few days before that occasion from the big City, Manila.

I Praise God for the life of Reinyal, I pray that she will grow with the fear of God, and she will grow as God wants her to be. Thank you Lord!

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  1. His Unfailing Love Says:

    Belated Happy Birthday to your apo Nay, daming birthdays sa Dec. di ba Nay? Merry Christmas sa lahat.

    Yes, kasama na namin sila ni J,L and kids.

  2. Lalaine Says:

    wow..yellow cab.. I miss yellow cab..pero dili sa ko mg miss miss..coz it's just now that my excess weight is really showing off ..all from our food trips diha sa Phils.. plus continuation dari sa Thailand..hehe!!

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