Our Christmas Eve Celebration

This was our Christmas Tree with the gifts ready for distribution on the Christmas Eve.
Z boy and Zane girl receiving their gifts.
Beam and Rehum receiving their gifts.
This is one of our food prepared by Mayette... It is called lamingtons a delicacy from Australia courtesy of our blogger friend, Lyndz...sorry it looked messy because we forget to take the pictures first, and the children liked it so much that they nearly consumed it.

Time for opening the gifts....
We had film showing while waiting for "media noche"
Watching the movie

Praying with thanksgiving remembering the birth of our savior Jesus Christ.

More opening of gifts.

Yes! we had a happy time during the Christmas Eve we just included the family of Jinggoy and Love in our prayers.

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  1. Lalaine Says:

    naa diay si Potpot dha sa Christmas..dawbi ng sing sad mo happy birthday sa iya?.. the lamington's look delicious..what is it made of, Nay?

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