Yummy Sunday

Sorry, I forgot what food is this. I usually took note of the food we ate to post on this meme but during this time I was not able to jot it down cuz I was lazy to bring my bag. I just remembered it now that I took note of this food at the cute notebook of Tricia. lol! We ordered this when we had our dinner in one of the finest and known restaurant located at Tesco in Thailand. I just hope one of you recognize this food, it is very yummy!

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4 Response to "Yummy Sunday"

  1. Lalaine Says:

    Hi nay! akong gi straight ang photo ky ngtakilid mn to kaganiha..heheh! We ate that dish in Vietnam, sa Al Fresco's nay, it's their famous pork ribs..hehehe!.. naa pud to usa ka photo sa imo yummy sunday na taken from VN pero imo butang ky Thailand..hehehe!

  2. jinggoy Says:

    HAHAHAA Mao pud unta akong comment.padumduman c nana nga dinhi na nya guikaon

  3. Familia Caballero in Vietnam Says:

    Al Fresco's Jumbo Ribs na Nay.

  4. Perfectly Blended Says:

    yummy! :)

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