ym - Sushi

Sushi, the food we ordered at Shabuji, one of the finest restaurant at Hatyai, Thailand. Love and Jesu (my daughter and son in law) love to eat this food.

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  1. Everything And Everywhere Says:

    Hi Nay,


    This sure so yummy. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to dine at that restaurant when I was still in Thailand.



  2. Sharing and Giving Says:

    This is so sarap Nay. I missed it sa Hatyai. Kamusta na?


  3. Budget Traveler Says:

    Oh..that was the last time sad na naka adto mi dadto Nay...heheh! hopefully sunud mka eat na sad mi dad2..hehe!

  4. TalisaChan Says:

    i love sushi! beautiful blog, by the way <3

  5. chubskulit Says:

    That looks so good, makes me hungry!

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  6. Wifey10 Says:

    Sushi! my favourite..I remember my mum tuloy with this cos she used to make us sushi when I was back home :( ..

    My entry here

  7. life's journey Says:

    Oh so yummy food. Happy YS!

  8. genefaith Says:

    fave ko din ang sushi:)

  9. Perfectly Blended Says:

    yum! I want to try that one Nay!

  10. Ai KaiRui Liu Says:

    i love sushi...i first taste this wayback college with my korean friends in a korean resto at Bacolod city...

    here's my entry

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