Yummy Sunday

Oh! I forgot what menu was this because my daughter ordered this food already when I arrived at BigBys Cafe and Restaurant during one of our family dine out. What I remembered was this food tasted very yummy.

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8 Response to "Yummy Sunday"

  1. tatess Says:

    is it pork ribs?looks yummmy with the sauce.

  2. genefaith Says:

    kind of a steak ba to ate? the gravy looks so yummy...

  3. Kayce Says:

    wow! by it looks palang masarap na talaga!

  4. life's journey Says:

    This looks yummy...happy yummy Sunday. See you.

  5. Manang Kim Says:

    With a lot of sauce that look so yummy!! Happy Sunday!

    YummySunday~Kielbasa sausage & Corn

  6. chubskulit Says:

    Ang sarap naman nyna Nay

    Spice Up Your Life

  7. Bogie Says:

    wow! the sauce added a yummy look to it.

  8. Bogie Says:

    Yummy! what else can I say?

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