Yummy Sunday: Maja Blanca

This is a Maja Blanca baked by my niece Irma. Her maja blanca is so creamy that makes everyone come back for more.

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5 Response to "Yummy Sunday: Maja Blanca"

  1. Perfectly Blended Says:

    Auntie Irma's Maja is truly yummy Nay!

  2. Kayce Says:

    Maja Blanca is indeed one of my favorite sweets!

  3. Alicia Says:

    I've never heard of it. I'm assuming it's a Filipino dessert. What is the taste?

  4. tatess Says:

    i like the sweet taste of maja blanca topped with latik.

  5. Lalaine Says:

    yes.. I can remember Nang irma's Maja Blanca.. gilaway na hinoun ko!LOL!

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