Oh my! I can not open the programs of Mozilla and Internet Explorer in my computer. It's good I was able to chat with Love at the Yahoo Messenger.

I believe Zboy my grandson had click some programs that affects the Mozilla and Internet Explorer. Zboy will be 5 years old this coming October 2009 and he knows how to open some games so I was confident for him to play alone in the computer.

My CPU is now at Tonypet's office so he can check the problem. I hope he can fix it soon so I can surf the internet and visit facebook, friendster and of course blogs. As I've mentioned in my former post that this is my past time already. Now I prefer to read, play games in the computer rather than watching TV.

Tonypet is the hubby of Bogie my great niece, the daughter of my niece, Judy but they are very close to me like a real grandchildren. I am blessed of this couple because they are serving the LORD wholeheartedly. I love them that I always pray for them that God will meet the desires of their heart.

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  1. Bogie Says:

    Thank so much Nay for the prayers! Thanks for the love and prayers... Imo bitaw mga post kay maka touch gyud..he.he.he..

    by the way, naa koy friendship award sa imo sa akong blog kindly grab it and post it in your blog too :)

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