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I spent my vacant time reading the blogs of Love, my daughter and to her blog rolls. But never came into my mind to create one for myself. I just enjoy reading it for me to be updated of her various activities in life, being far from each other.

Until these few days mayette, my other daughter was encouraged to try it herself inspired by the earnings of Love from it. So, Love taught her the pointers, with me the one taking notes. So, that's it. I was also convinced to create one.

But before Love arrived here in the Philippines, it was already her plans to teach me how to earn money from the internet through clicking only advertisement. I was excited on this system cause I wont have a hard time thinking what and how to write something. I can not imagine myself doing writing, unlike my 2 sisters who were good in writing which I presumed Love got her talents from them.

Well, you know what? Love never have a time to teach me then, she was very busy taking care of Lyle, her career (blogging), much more the flood came, my computer broke down and we lived for more than a month at my niece house while our house in Balulang was undergoing repairs.

And now, I am here joining the world of blogging. I need your consideration for being a neophyte in this area. LOL! God bless.

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  1. Mommy Phebie Says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere nay...for sure ma enjoy jud ka ug blog...hahhaha

  2. amazing grace Says:

    welcome to ergina's bloggers family. Kung na pa mama sya unta ang president.. hahahahaha.. so ikaw karonn aunti. add me naman and ( domain suspended, wala coincide data) and

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