Check Out from the Hospital

My daughter, Beam just arrived now from Polymedic Hospital with Rehum, my grandson who was confined for 3 days. Praise God for healing him and back to his normal health condition again.

He was admitted last Thursday for acute bronchitis. The next day was Friday and I was the one who took care of him in the hospital because Beam can not apply for a leave in her work and her husband is still in Manila. Anyways it was my great pleasure to do it. It is one way of showing to him that I care and love him deeply.

Rehum is a good boy and very thoughtful one. I am blessed of his attitude and he touched my life... Imagine, every time I did something for him in the hospital he will always say, "thank you Granny". Is it not refreshing for a 7 years old (this coming July) grandson acknowledging his gratitude to you?

I thank God for giving me a grandson like him.

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  1. sugar Says:

    That is indeed great news ! May God continue to bless your family with good health. It is really wonderful to have an Auntie or Grandmother to show their love for you. I remember being taken cared of when i was also his age .. =)

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