ys - Black Forest Cake

Black Forest from Red Ribbon, yes! it is so yummy that my grandchildren enjoyed eating their slices.

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11 Response to "ys - Black Forest Cake"

  1. Perfectly Blended Says:

    yummy cake!

  2. JLaine Says:

    lagi, yummy gyud.. I miss this..:).. nay, akong i rotate imo photo ha ky takilid mn gud..hehehe!

  3. Late Bloomer Blog Says:

    Red Ribbon cakes are the best! Wala na akong masasabi pa, hehehe!

    Visiting via Yummy Sunday. Here's my entry: French Vanilla Coffee

  4. gagay Says:

    yay!!! sarap talaga basta red ribbon! :D

    have a great Sunday! here's my Yummy Sunday entry!

  5. Emzkie Says:

    thats my favorite cake from Red Ribbon! yummy!

  6. [pinkc00kies] Says:

    love RR cakes too but I prefer the ube cake, choco-mocha crunch or coffee crunch cake.. :) I dont eat Black Forest coz i dont like cherries :( hehe.

  7. Vhen Says:

    sweet but yummy :)

  8. Vhen Says:

    happy YS!


    hope to see you there too, thanks!

  9. Jay-agent112778 Says:

    yummy talaga! lalo na pag may coke

    here's my entry

  10. tejan Says:

    yap..I tried this before from RR..hmm yummy!d' best!

    mine is up..see yah!

  11. cheerful Says:

    love it...really delicicous! visiting late from YS, hope you can visit me back...thank you! have a great week. :)

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