ys - puto (rice cake)

This puto is made by one of my nieces which is my favorite puto because it is so yummy that I can eat many pieces of it. lol! This was one of the food during my surprise birthday.

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9 Response to "ys - puto (rice cake)"

  1. gengen Says:

    Hmm one of my favorite like it. Happy yummy Sunday.

  2. [cookiespink] Says:

    yummm :)

  3. K Says:

    I love puto, my favorite :)

  4. JLaine Says:

    My favorite too!! Nay, pangayu-i ko ug recipe ni Nang Bobie nay!

  5. jenn Says:

    Ang daming cheese! Ang sarap nito for sure!

    my Yummy Sunday post

  6. Perfectly Blended Says:

    yummy... Thanks for joining Nay!

  7. Phebie Says:

    gai ko nay...:)

  8. Alicia Says:

    I love puto!!!!!!

  9. Jay - agent112778 Says:

    i like this puto!

    heres my Yummy Sunday Entry

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