Bonding with my son's family (Part 3)

What I notice in Vietnam are their many lakes, some are man made according to my daughter in law. In this picture is one of the lakes located at the city center , where tourist can ride in the car (below photo) run by electronic touring around the lake and to some of their business center. It is in these area where paid comfort rooms are located that we experienced an unusual behavior which is a little bit a culture shock to us. This is what happened,. Love (my daughter) and I went to use the CR. There were only few person around and it was my turn first who went inside the CR and after me, Love went inside, but lo! when she was already inside, another lady step in too with her. She was shock, so she just step outside and let the lady do her thing. Oh! ! what a culture shock for us. We had mixed feelings imagining the incident. Well, Jeaneth (Dil) said that it happens also in a fitting rooms, even if you are already inside fitting the dress you want to buy, somebody just go in and fit also a dress. whew! Another incident Love experience was in the escalator in one of the malls, she was push by a well dress lady to overtake her, it was good she was holding the rail so she did not fall down. Yes, there are many culture shock you will encounter in VN according to one of the church mates of my son's family for she is new also on that place.

But, anyway, I do not condemn them instead it is one of the countries I am praying for. They are now a fast developing country in which they boomed at such a very short time. I will be posting more pictures later on.

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