My Children's Wedding (Part 2)

This post will be about the 2nd wedding in our family. The wedding of my eldest and only son, Jinggoy.

The venue of Jinggoy,s wedding was at the grounds of Gardens of Malasag Eco-Tourism Village. The wedding ceremony started very early in the morning and it finished just in time for Sunrise. As expected, only close friends and close relatives were able to attend since the venue is a far distance from the city proper and there are no public transportation is available to go to the site. Those who attended either had their own vehicle or just hired a taxi very early in the morning. It was then we concluded that those who attended were really that close to the family and very sincere to witness the wedding ceremony since it takes a bit of sacrifice to wake up so early and go to the venue.

On the other hand, our family, Jeaneth's family (wife of Jinggoy), the members of the entourage and few of our relatives and friends stayed overnight in each in the of the cottages of Eco-Village. Indeed, it was a successful affair because everyone enjoyed the place.

Now Jinggoy and Jeaneth have 2 beautiful daughters ages 9 and 3. They are happily working and settled in Vietnam now.

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