My Children's Wedding (part 1)

This will be the first part of my series of post about the weddings of my children. Much as I want to post more than 1 picture but sad to say that all our photo albums were lost when we experienced the flood last year.

But I praise God that my son in law (hubby of Beam) was able to store some pictures in his laptop. He actually saved those old photos because he was supposed to make something as a surprised gift for Beam but because of the flood it did not push through. Some of the old pictures he uploaded were used during their surprised birthday celebration for me.
Well, as you can see on the photo above it was Beam who got married first among my children and at early age. Her early marriage was a surprised to our family and close friends as it was least expected for her to get married fast as she was quite reserved and didn't entertain any suitors. (Please read my post,My Children Chapter 2. 6/19/09).

Beam's wedding was held at Praise Garden Resort at Balulang, (now our residence) to accommodate huge visitors as expected being the first wedding of our family. The officiating minister was the spiritual director of Jesus is Lord Church, Bro. Eddie Villanueva and so most of the pastors in Northern Mindanao Churches were present and so with some of the leaders. It was a garden wedding but the atmosphere was like a barrio fiesta.

Now they are happily married with 3 children, the eldest is attending his first year in secondary while the second the only girl is in grade 4 and the youngest is in grade 2. They are all studying in one of the Christian Schools here in our place.

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  1. Alicia Says:

    Wow!! So, how did you handle the "surprise" of her getting married?

    It sounds like her and her family are doing well!!

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