My Grandchildren at Dahilayan Forest Park

These pictures were taken at Forest Park besides Dahilayan Zip Line Zone. My grandchildren had a great time bonding with their cousins, Tricia and Lyle (daughter and son of Love, my youngest daughter) who were to leave for Thailand on the next few days at that time. Well, as you can see in the pictures everybody enjoyed and had fun. Though they missed Thea and Rinnah there other cousins (daughters of Jinggoy, my eldest son) as they left early for Vietnam because of their classes. I just praise God for these moments of joy for them. It is my prayer that  next year  all of my grandchildren will be bonding together again. God willing.....

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  1. Tricia Says:

    I miss those times in Phils. Lingaw gyd kau mga bata! we're looking forward for next year Nay!

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