fpf - Archery

Thanks for my grand niece who uploaded this photo in my Facebook account. I miss this meme in which I like the concept as it will remind us of some memorable moments. It is only sad that my old pictures were washed out during the typhoon "Sendong". ( You can read my post about it.)

Well, this is my late husband doing Archery...It was one of his favorite sports before and active when our children were still young. I felt a little sad that his bow and arrow was included in the washed out of our house. It might be that one of his grandchildren can be in this sport and still can used that instrument...but ... anyways it is now memories......

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2 Response to "fpf - Archery"

  1. Bernie Ponge Says:

    this sure is a very good remembrance.
    btw tricia said she loves archery,
    I guess someone is sure to follow
    Tatay's footsteps.

  2. Lalaine Says:

    precious photo! Mau gani naa pa scanned copy si bogie.yes, tricia will be excited to see this, wla lagi ko kita ani sa FB Nay..

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