The Wedding

This was the wedding reception of my niece which was held at Harbor Lights Hotel and Restaurant. It was a unique wedding I had attended so far because they had a Lantern Parade. I just remembered this was one of the highlights of the Lantern Festival in Hatyai, Thailand when we were there last year.There was also, so much goodies which were nicely presented as you can see in the background of the picture. By the way, with me in this photo is my niece also(a first cousin of the newly wed) who is my legal counsel.

Indeed, it was a fun and a lively affair as all the visitors enjoyed that evening. There was a time of singing and dancing to the delights of their friends. I just pray that they will have harmonious and prosperous married life.

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  1. JLaine Says:

    Karon pa ko kita ani napics nay.. mao diay ni imo ingon na naa sila lanterns.. cute sad ky colorful ang lanterns

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