Mcdo Kiddie Crew Workshop

My three Grand Kids from left to right, Z boy, Reinyel and Rehum.

Zboy with his friends.

Zboy doing his task.

Reinyel with her new friend.

Zboy with his new friends

These are the pictures of the kids who joined the McDonald's Kiddie Crew Workshop where my 3 grand kids participated. This is done every summer here in our place and I am sure also in all of McDonald chain in the country. There was a registration fee but uniforms were provided with a backpack and were given free snacks. It was a one week workshop for 3 hours only. Of course! my grand kids enjoyed the event, having experience new activities and had acquainted many friends that they said by next year they will join again the workshop.

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  1. JLaine Says:

    im sure lingaw kau sila.. maka ingon ana sad unta sila tricia ba? :)

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